Film festivals

One of our important activities is the translation of movies and the production of subtitles. We operate the subtitle device CSTM on many film festivals. The most important event of this kind is Karlovy Vary International Film Festival, where there are annually projections of approximately 250 subtitled films on 14 screens.

We provide the service of the same scope regularly for the International Film Festival on the Environment Ekofilm,  Festival of Adrenalin Films, Festival of Aeronautical Films and others.

Cinema SubTitle Machine

The subtitle system CSTM provides complex solutions for the synchronized projection of subtitles. It is compatible with different formats of time coding and with projection systems  DTS, DOLBY and many more. It can be used with a film projection format of 35 mm, 16 mm and others…as well as with other professional analog and digital television formats (DIGITAL BETACAM,BETACAM SP, DVCAM, AVID, profi VHS …).

Electronic subtitles are synchronised with the film and projected whilst using a special device on a small screen under a principal movie screen. Subtitles might be projected also on display panels located in the room according to the particular wishes of a client.The system is obviously capable to project multilingual subtitles.

Since this system is really universal, film festivals are not its only use.

It might be employed for the projection of films for hearingly impaired individuals, for simultaneous projections of texts (e.g. different language versions) during presentations and lectures, for the display of scripts during theatre performances and of opera lyrics and so on. We are able to provide complex solutions entirely  tailored according to the needs of our clients. The quality of this system was repeteadly tested during many film festivals, theatre performances and other events.